An Unforgettable Date: September Nineteen

A project by: Adnan Hussain

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Completion Date: Sat 22 Dec 2018
Help me to publish my book and raise awareness of the LGBT Islamic community!

An Unforgettable Date - a short story about religion and life! 

I want to publish my book for all those that are in the LGBT community and cannot come out to anyone. I'm raising £500 in total to release my book which will inspire others to come out to their family/friends and live the life they deserve. By donating and helping to release my book, you will be helping the LGBT community!

Who am i?

I'm a student currently studying for a Masters in International Events and Conferences Management at Sheffield Hallam University.

I love writing and I do a lot of charity work. I have organised charity dinners, car washes, and collected donations at events. I have a long term illness but enjoy playing cricket and writing stories. I just want others to be happy and to bring a smile to their face! I've been working on my book for a year and I'm excited about raising awareness for the LGBT community in the Islamic religion.

I'm also a model and here is my website: 

my project

  • My project is very unique and personal. I am releasing a self-written book!
  • What's it about? An Unforgettable Date is a short story about two men who are different from one another, but an affectionate relationship takes over everything.
  • If I hit my target, I'll be able to get my book published and fill the gap in the market on this sensitive topic that is experienced by many.
  • Donate today and you can help raise awareness of the LGBT and Islamic Community, a subject very important to me.

Where will your donation go

All the donations will go to towards publishing 10 copies of the book, including proof reading, editing and front cover.

If more funds are raised then I will get additional copies with the extra donations and donate them to the libraries.

Here's a breakdown of my budget:

  • Editing: £100
  • Proof reading: £50
  • Production costs: £200
  • Front cover: £50
  • Printing costs: £100
  • Total cost: £500

I will also give regular updates on the publication of the book.


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Find me here

Instagram: @AuthorAdnan

Help me succeed!

Don't delay, please help today! You do not have to donate, but just get the word about this project out and like and share this page!

Donate today and help to raise awareness of an issue which is so close to my heart!