The Hallam Fund - Transformational Research

A project by: Charlotte Tobin

Funding research to transform lives

By donating to support research at Sheffield Hallam you will be helping to make positive life-changing differences to people's lives.

Sheffield Hallam is growing an active community of researchers focused on changing people's lives for the better, by searching for medical breakthroughs and by addressing the cultural, economic and social challenges facing society today.

Research supported by The Hallam Fund, is helping to save the lives of more than 16,000 premature babies who undergo potentially life-threatening journeys in emergency vehicles each year. Read more about this here.

Your gift to the Hallam Fund will support project grants or scholarships for our research community, so they can undertake early stage research.

Sheffield Hallam research plays a critical role in fuelling change in society. Early funding creates opportunities to explore new ideas that can lead to solutions and breakthroughs for issues that affect us all – from treatments for life-threatening diseases, to recommendations about policy decisions by the Government.

Your donation will allow our researchers to gather initial data and demonstrate the potential impact of their work. This early work could lead to further major research grants that allow our teams to take their work to a level that has a real impact on the world we live in.