The Hallam Fund - Student Support

A project by: Charlotte Tobin

Supporting under represented and disadvantaged students

The Hallam Fund - Student Support, helps students from disadvantaged and under-represented backgrounds.

This includes those leaving foster care, those with caring responsibilities, and students who face estrangement because of their family or financial situations.

By making a donation to the Hallam Fund - Student Support, you will be ensuring that every student has a fair opportunity to succeed regardless of their background.

You will be providing crucial funding to cover accommodation costs, living expenses and one-off grants to allow disadvantaged students to spend more time on their studies without the worry of additional financial burden.

Your gift will support students to progress through their studies, providing a better chance of success and realising personal ambitions and aspirations.

You can give students the security and recognition to make the most of what university can offer, regardless of their personal circumstances.

And you can help to close the gaps in education so that all students who want to improve their lives through higher education can get the support they need to achieve.