Mental Wellness Education Using Fitness

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Completion Date: Mon 07 Jan 2019
Help us create a qualifcation on using fitness for mental wellness!

project Summary

1 in 4 people in the UK suffer with a diagnosed mental illness yet in recent studies exercise has been proven to be as effective as antidepressant medications, so why not put these together? The Happiness Bootcamp uses fitness to educate on mental wellness and now we want to create a registered qualification for Personal Trainers, Gyms, P.E teachers, Doctors etc to be able to educate on mental wellness using fitness, something brand new to this industry. In 2017-2018 7.3 million antidepressants were prescribed on the NHS, we are constantly failing those around us with long waiting lists and no immediate help. This is what we are changing, giving people the life line they deserve.

Who are we?

We are the Happiness Bootcamp C.I.C. - a community interest company registered in August 2018, but started as a project by the founder Aimee Browes in January 2018. The Happiness Bootcamp C.I.C. uses fitness to educate on mental wellbeing by teaching people the reasons behind why they feel the way they do while giving them a community of others going through similar experiences. We use weekly positive reinforcement classes, public workshops and training days for the education, fitness and corporate sectors. We use the #BeFitMentally scheme to put our profits towards giving those suffering with a mental illness free 1 to 1 personal training and mental guidance.

Our work has already been recognised and seen across:

  •  BBC Radio 1 and BBC Newsbeat
  • Reebok, Be:Fit London 2018
  • Bodypower Expo 2018
  • Runner up of Hallam Enterprise award 2018
  •  Flovibe and many other yoga festivals 
  • Across south Yorkshire primary and secondary schools, Sheffield hallam and Sheffield college
  • The star, telegraph and BBC Radio Sheffield.

Speaking at Bodypower Expo 2018

the happiness bootcamp story

Aimee Browes the founder is a 20 year old Sheffield girl and Sheffield Hallam Psychology student who is striving the change the way we look at mental health and fitness. I started The Happiness Bootcamp due to suffering from severe anxiety disorder from the age of 10. After being faced with year long waiting lists and being thrown medication at such a young age I ended up quitting school and feeling worthless. I was never taken seriously at a young age and it caused me to feel alone. After many years in therapy I was told I had to go back into education due to being under 18, the only thing available was a level 2 fitness instructor award. I hated sport, felt worthless and scared but went along. From that day I never looked back, I went from rock bottom, being told I would never do anything with my life to becoming a personal trainer and later getting a scholarship for university without Alevels.  I set myself back up, started university from my lowest point and decided enough was enough. I set The Happiness Bootcamp up to educate people on mental wellbeing as I never want anyone to feel alone. To me being successful isn’t about making a million pounds, it is making a million people realise their life is worth living.

Where will the money go?

  • The money raised will be put towards creating the qualification of 'exercise and mental wellness' and to help us reach more people than ever by being able to roll this out across the country. The money we want to raise will help us save more lives, help people understand the taboo of mental health and begin to further our journey.
  •  If we can raise more than our target it will help us progress even quicker, we are open to other investments and support to help us create a fully functioned support building within Sheffield, full of holistic methods like our fitness classes, yoga, dance, mental health cafes, registered CBT and so much more. This is out goal by 2020 but with the extra funding it will help us roll this out quicker within Sheffield.
  • We will constantly be showing our progress through our social media and monthly videos/live streams for you to ask us questions and see how we are progressing, you will be able to see your money allowing us to grow.
  • The qualification creation will cost us £3000 to begin the process and have the course wrote up including the use of industry professionals to give more input into the creation.
  • The rest of the money raised (£2000) will be used to create PR and spread the awareness of the qualification as well as having it OFQUAL accredited and become an awarding body. This would allow us to run the qualification ourselves without the use of another body. This would also allow us to travel across the country to help input it into more communities across the UK.
  • Once this is completed and with any extra money raised will be put towards opening The Happiness Bootcamp's mental health centre in Sheffield.


To thank you for your support in helping us create this incredible qualification we have outlined some rewards for you, please do check them out!

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